Services & Capabilities

Capacit’e relies on the following strengths for successful project delivery:

The primary focus of our business is on the construction of Residential, Commercial and Institutional buildings. This focused business approach has enabled us to build, in a short span of time, a motivated team of people, through incentive structures and periodic recognition, with the domain knowledge, skill and experience. We have acquired and deployed Core Assets and sought to establish systems and processes that are aligned with the specific requirements of the building construction business, which we believe has lead to the development of our core competence and technical expertise in building construction. The geographical spread of our projects has been limited to major cities in India, with a predominant focus on clientele based in MMR, NCR and Bengaluru.

We believe that this focus on construction of buildings in select large markets has enabled us to acquire the specialized construction technology, experience and skills for constructing Super High Rise Buildings and High Rise Buildings and mass housing projects. We also offer MEP, finishing and interior services. We believe that our construction capabilities in concrete and composite steel structures augment our positioning as a building focused construction company providing the full spectrum of construction services.

We believe that we are one of the few companies in the organised segment in India that concentrates specifically on undertaking construction of buildings, without engaging in any other activities such as land development or infrastructure development.

We believe that our concentrated focus on construction of buildings has enabled us to grow our Order Book leading to a high degree of specialization in this business, which has helped us in increasing our operating revenues and profits from operations.

Since our Company’s incorporation in August 2012, we have undertaken projects across various segments in Residential, Commercial and Institutional buildings.

We value our relationships with our clients. We believe that our motivated team of personnel and our work processes complement each other to enable us to deliver high levels of client satisfaction. Further, we believe that our quality of work and timely execution has allowed us to enhance our relationships with existing clients and to secure projects from new clients. For example, we have secured repeat orders from some of our clients, namely the Lodha Group, The Wadhwa Group, Godrej Properties Limited, Transcon Developers Private Limited, Ahuja Constructions and Puravankara Projects Limited, since the date our first contract with each of them.

We believe that our client base, consisting of some of India’s leading real estate developers, allows us to bid for and secure a broad range of projects. Further, we believe that our ongoing execution of certain redevelopment projects, such as the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Project – Sub cluster 03 and Rustomjee Seasons, will allow us to qualify for and to bid for mass housing projects in the future. We believe that the consistent growth in our Order Book position is a result of our sustained focus on building projects and ability to successfully bid and win new projects.

Our Promoters have significant management experience in the construction industry. We believe the leadership and vision of our Promoters have been instrumental in driving our growth since inception and implementing our business strategies.

Further, our diversified Board includes Directors, each of whom have more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry.

We believe that we have achieved a measure of success in attracting an experienced senior management team with operational and technical capabilities, management skills, business development experience and financial management skills.

We believe that the combined strength of our Promoters, Directors and senior management team provides access to marquee clients in securing new orders and expanding our business. We believe this has enabled us to strengthen our presence. The expertise and experience of our Promoters, Directors and senior management team, coupled with client relationships gives us a competitive edge in the building construction industry.

We have the capabilities to undertake building construction projects using modern technologies including temperature-controlled concrete for mass pours, self-compacting free flow concrete for heavily reinforced pours and special concrete for vertical pumping in Super High Rise Buildings and High Rise Buildings. We use different types of system formwork owned by us including, automatic climbing system formwork, aluminium formwork, table formwork, composite panel formwork (consisting of vertical panel and horizontal panel formwork systems) to meet the varying construction needs of different types of buildings. Each kind of building requires a high degree of skill, scale and speed to complete. We believe that implementing a variety of technology options available to us in construction of buildings allows us to reduce construction times.

Our investment in Core Assets has helped us expand our execution capabilities, along with a corresponding growth of our Order Book. Further, we believe that our investments in Core Assets is represented by our expanding execution capabilities and growth potential.

We believe that skilled labour is an important resource in building construction. We have established a dedicated subcontract resource cell for the purpose of mobilisation of workmen to meet the manpower needs across all our project sites. In order to ensure welfare and, thereby, reduce attrition and increase dependability of workmen, we provide accommodation, food arrangements / allowance, transport arrangements and access to medical facilities.

We have instituted procedures for induction training at our project sites in respect of occupational health and safety of workmen, which we believe is an important factor in promoting a safer work environment. We also impart process quality training to our employees and workmen to prevent against cost and time overruns on account of repair, rectification or reworking of faulty or defective construction. Further, we strive to reduce idling or under-utilisation of resources, be it in formwork, rebar, concrete, block work, plastering or any other activity, by strategically deploying personnel for specific activities.

We believe that imparting training to, and ensuring the welfare of, our work force enables us to simultaneously create and retain a skilled and dependable labour force, which is one of the key factors for the effective execution of work at our project sites.

Our business growth during the last three financial years has contributed significantly to our financial strength.

We believe that our financial performance over the past few years provides us with a base to undertake larger projects from marquee clients.